Bringing Genuine connection back to
Automated Lead Generation.

Fill your sales team pipeline with qualified leads.
using systems that feel more 
human than automation!

we create automated lead generation systems that
turn social media into a endless lead generation machine for your business!
Here at POHM, our goal is simple make automated lead generation systems for business who serve other businesses feel genuine!
over the years automation has lost its human touch here at POHM we are bringing it back! building out custom automated systems that feel human, run with the efficiency of automation while boosting client happiness and retention rates.
without spending anything on advertising!
Our systems also help your team stay organized, raise efficiency, and significantly reduce client bounce rates while significantly reducing your advertising budget to get qualified leads!

 we don't just automate your B2B led gen, reduce your ad spend, increase your sales efficiency and organize the lead gen process we make it feel genuine and not like a automation!

Want to see if your business is qualified to have our team build out your lead machine! 

the checklist!

#1 back end system

My business has this!

#2 Effective and clear sales closing

My business has this!

#3 Effective standard operating procedures

My business has this!

If you dream it we can make it happen!

#1 back end system

Our lead generation systems absolutely dominate, our clients are getting anywhere from 10 to 50 new highly qualified Leads a day, We completely create the lead generation system for you and teach you how to use it in your business the first issue that arises is making sure your company has a back-end that can support our front end leat Generation without a proper backend system that can handle the volume of new leads Coming into your business lets be honest it would be completely pointless to even have a lead generation system if you can't fulfill on the leads you are getting in, We do build back in systems but every single business is different when it comes to back end systems if you are in need of a back-end system please schedule a call with a team!

#2 Effective and clear sales closing

let's say it's the perfect world you have our custom-built lead generation system, a built back end system that handles most of your Automation and follow up, there will still come a point in time where the lead has to become the client, most of the businesses we work with at Pohm are mid to high ticket, all of them break down into two categories in Sales #1 using a video sales letter or webinar, #2 using in-person closers to turn the lead into a client, Or a hybrid of both Let's face it you are here to grow your company's profit, we can Build you a system that keeps your pipeline full, Build you a back-end that Processes the leads,But if you do not have a closing process no Profit will ever be made. Our team has had years of experience building webinars, video sales letters as well as training both our in-house closing team and our clients closing team, Collectively generating millions of dollars in business Revenue, In 2021 we were awarded a 0 to 10K in 30 days award using our system To launch a brand new product to Market!

#3 Effective standard operating procedures, 

this may seem super minuscule in the grand scheme of things but this is also a Super Key thing that is needed to be successful using our system we flood your pipeline with new Leads with that will comes some chaos due to the volume, Having effective and clear standerd operating procedures Allow our team and your team to work most effectively Together, As well as being able to read the data effectively So we can get the conversion rate through the entire system to the highest possible profitability!

 If you checked all three check marks 
you are likely a super good fit for our lead generation systems!

 even if your business wasn't able to check all of the boxes our team has both done for you services and Consulting Services to help you get everything in order to properly use our system, we wont build you a system if it can effectively work we are a profit and data driven company we want our clients to turn a profit and get results that are consistent and backed by data!
 you can book a call with our team below to learn what options you have when it comes to your system.

About Pursuit of Happiness Marketing LLC

Over the years we have done all sorts of different things In the digital marketing space, Allowing us the opportunity to Grow and expand our team allowing us to do just about anything in the digital space but what we are best known for is automated lead generation systems! It all starts with a custom built for you lead gen system After your system is created we focus on automated marketing tactics we started out on Facebook and Instagram managing over $100,000 in client ad spend per month, But over the years these platforms have become overly saturated, highly competitive. Diluting our clients results While ad spend vs return has slowly been growing over time, our goal is to build your business a system that can generate your business leads on a consistent and sustainable basis without You spending your time trying to chase down your next lead Or managing the system. Because of this we have created new and improved systems on more lucrative platforms such as LinkedIn, tik tok,and seo. Where the return to cost is astronomically better than facebook or instagram,

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Our founder Andrew Napier, has always had the entrepreneurial spirit starting at a young age fresh out of trade school he worked his way up the ladder in the automotive industry eventually becoming a partial owner in a automotive shop, after many years of being in the automotive field He realized that even though you can make good money As a business owner if you do not have time freedom that money is pointless, So in 2017 he decided to sell his shares of the shop to start on a new venture Seeking time freedom While still remaining His own boss, Taking his already known business knowledge and applying it to the online Realm of business ownership he was quickly able to go from not having any type of digital business to having a six-figure a year affiliate marketing business where he was only working 3 to 4 hours a day, After grasping the concepts of running a digital business at a sustainable level he created Pursuit of Happiness marketing to help other people escape the time Freedom trap we all seem to find ourselves in at some point in time in our business, Nowadays Andrew is the captain of the ship he manages the day-to-day inside of the company as well as our client Consulting!

Our Owner Andrew Has Helped Thousands To Unlock To Happiness & Fulfilment In Their Business & Life!
in doing so he has been featured in a few places!

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He is also a published co-author covering how he went from a 9 to 5 job to a 6 figure earner with his affiliate marketing business in under a year using the same marketing tactics we  still use today! just hyper improved!

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